What We Believe
The following list is what Precious.org believes:

  • Each individual is a unique child of God and as such we value and respect each individual.

  • We must demonstrate honesty, integrity, and competence in order to earn the trust of the individuals we serve.

  • Organizations, families and children whom we serve deserve our very best efforts in delivering a high quality of service.

  • A healthy family unit is the best environment in which children can learn and develop.

  • We must foster cooperation among people and organizations that share our mission in our efforts to "find a home for every child".

  • We must be good stewards of funds, physical property, and all other assets entrusted to us.

  • Professional growth and development of employees is essential in order to maintain the expertise necessary to best fulfill our mission.

  • Adoption is an act of parenthood and should be done with permanency in mind.

  • The adoption of a child should serve in the child's best interest and be free from manipulation and coercion of any kind.

  • We take a zero-tolerance stance against the trafficking, sale, exploitation, and abduction of children. We actively advocate for an end to this horrific injustice.

  • Children inherit the right to self-determination and self worth upon birth, and status as an orphan does not alter this right.

  • All eligible orphaned children, regardless of race, religion, special need and life circumstance, should be given the opportunity to be a part of a permanent family through adoption.

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