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Precious.org was born in 1994, created by a mom/former Christian missionary with five adopted children. She believed that this thing called the "world-wide web" might one day catch on provide a powerful tool to advocate for the worlds orphans. In March 1996, Precious.org was recognized in an article by USA Today for its work in creating a new way to bring families together through adoption.

In 2005, Precious.org and its rich history came under the ownership of Jason and Nancy Damkoehler and a number of other adoptive families with a vision to continue helping alter the destiny of the world's orphans through adoption and orphan advocacy on Precious.org.

Precious.org is a Christian-based orphan advocacy and parent-equipping website. We enable adoption agencies and other adoption professionals (home study providers, adoption attorneys and doctors specializing in international adoptions) to connect their services with the adoptive and pre-adoptive parent who need them.

We also provide a wealth of articles, a social community and forum-based info in our Resource Center and our Online Community.

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