Miracle in Colombia



God began to work on Nancy's and my heart back in 2001. We had been happily married for eight years and had two children. No one we knew was adopting at that time. It was still a very foreign concept to us. However both of us began to feel a tug to explore the adoption process and discover what it would take to bring a child home.

 Well, we discovered it took a lot J. But amazingly, neither one of us were worried about the money. We have been faithful tithers our entire married life and had a great confidence that God supplies our every need.

 In 2004, we made the decision that we were going to adopt and began the home study process. We had just added another child to our family and felt a release to begin pursuing adoption. At that time several of our friends began to adopt children as well, bringing more faith that the decision we made was truly from the Lord.

 Over the next two years God led us through a process that would bring us to our daughter Nina. It's an amazing story, but is too much for this short testimony. Suffice to say that adopting Nina revealed to us so much about the heart of God that it ignited a desire to continue adopting children as long as we feel the Lord allowing.

 The little girl we were adopting from Colombia has an amazing story as well.  She was born in late July of 2010, the daughter of a prostitute. Her mother abandoned her at four days old to the owner of the brothel. After four months living there, she became very ill. The woman who was taking care of her brought her to a local hospital and explained that she could no longer take care of this little girl. She was diagnosed at that time as HIV-positive, very ill with congenital syphilis, bacterial meningitis, anemia, and malnutrition.

 Back in the US, Nancy and I were feeling it was the time to adopt again. We were asking God for a child between zero and three years old that would be brought to us, rather than us going through the standard referral process. We were open to special needs.

 Just by happenstance, my wife called an agency in Florida called Adoption" title="www.adoptabsc.org">Adoption" target='_blank'>[ CLICK HERE: Web Link ] by Shepherd Care that she had seen on the Internet. She inquired about domestic adoption was told that Illinois residents could not adopt from a Florida agency. My wife thanked them and just before she hung up she was told by the agency that there may be little girl in Columbia that is available, but that they had very little information and that we would have to be patient. They also mention the child might be HIV-positive.

 Until then, we have never considered a child with HIV, God gave us both a peace that we should pursue this child. Several weeks later we received a referral picture of Ella and began a process of adopting her.  We still did not know the extent of the illnesses that she had, or how she was covering from them.  But we had faith that God's hand was in all of it.

 In early March my family and I were in our living room having a night of prayer  and worship together as a family. As we prayed, my eight-year-old son Kole all of a sudden said, "guys, I think God just told me something. He was very excited! We said, "what did he tell you Kole?  He said, "God told me that Ella is going to be fine and that she is not sick anymore.

 Just a few days later I got a call from our agency. The agency director herself called and said, "are you sitting down? She took a breath and said, "we just ran a bunch of medical tests on Ella and received the results today. She is HIV negative, the syphilis is gone with no ill effects, the bacterial meningitis has had no lasting effect. This is a 100% healthy little girl.  Kole went nuts and so did we J

 God is so good! The doctors also said that if Ella's mother had not abandoned her, she very likely would have HIV. And that if she hadn't been brought into the hospital when she was, she very well may have died.

 So much more we could tell you, but will leave it with this¦ We serve a mighty God!


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