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Hello and welcome to Precious.org! My name is Jason Damkoehler. I am the privileged husband of my beautiful wife, Nancy, and the father of five amazing children. Three biological sons and two daughters through adoption.

God began to work on Nancy's and my heart back in 2001. We had been happily married for eight years and had two children. No one we knew was adopting at that time. It was still a very foreign concept to us. However both of us began to feel a tug to explore the adoption process and discover what it would take to bring a child home.

Well, we discovered it took a lot J. And it was that journey that brought us to our two adopted daughters (China and Colombia) and to the pages of Precious.org. It was here that we were able to look into the faces of real children, to read their stories, to and to realize that we had what it took to reach out into the sea of faces, the 147 million orphans, and to make a difference to one.

In 2005 we were privileged to assume ownership of this this website which, since 1994, has helped over 40,000 children find a permanent home, 1 out of every 10 children adopted into the U.S. in the last two decades found their home through Precious.org. And it is our express desire to do all we can to encourage and equip you through your entire adoption journey and to help you advocate for the fatherless.

Together we can make a difference, together we can find a home for every child.

Learn more about our organization, our family, and what we believe!

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