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Precious in HIS Sight’s Christian heritage and the professional standards for the services we provide form the foundation for Precious In HIS Sight, LLC’s beliefs. The primary focus of Precious in HIS Sight, LLC is to serve the adoption community through connecting prospective adoptive parents with adoptive agencies and ultimately children that are in need of adoption. Learn more about us and what we believe.


Ethical Waiting Child Photo and Text Listings

At Precious.org we have strict guidelines about our Waiting Child List. The purpose for these guidelines is to ensure that the precious children who are listed on othe site are not being exploited or marketed. These are children, not a product. Photolistings provide a way for adoption agencies to post the pictures of children that are waiting for a family through adoption. Ultimately, this can reduce the amount of time that it takes for a child to be united with a family, which is a very good thing! To protect the children who are posted on the site and the prospective parents who use the site to find their potential child, we have created the following ethical guidelines.

The Waiting Child List Ethical Guidelines:
  • All adoption agencies must be licensed to facilitate adoption in their states of operation.
  • All adoption agencies with adoption programs in Hague Countries must have current accreditation under the Hague Convention on International Adoption (henceforth "the Hague") as required by the Central Adoption Authority in the United States.
  • Only children who are legally available for adoption may be posted on Precious.org on the waiting child list.
  • Children for whom an adoption agreement has been signed must be removed from the waiting child list within two weeks. Children who are not currently available for adoption may not be listed as a way to attract prospective parents. Agencies who are posting children that are not currently available for adoption will be removed as a partner agency.
  • Adoption agencies may not post any information about a child that is not allowed under the Hague, the state, the child's country of origin, or any other governing body with authority over the child's welfare. Prior to prospective parents agreeing to adopt a child they must have been given full disclosure about the social, medical, and emotional history and needs of the child.
  • Adoption agencies may not under any circumstance post the sonogram picture of an unborn child.
  • Photolisitngs or text listings of waiting children may only be posted within the established guidelines of countries in which internet photo/text listing is allowed. We believe that it is important for good international adoption relationships between countries to remain. Each country's guidelines must be respected.
  • Adoption agencies must respond to the prospective parent inquires in a reasonable time frame. The time and hopes of the prospective parent must be respected.
  • It is vital that adoption agencies use integrity and best practice in the posting of pictures and information of children on Precious.org. Adoption photo and text listings are an excellent tool for connecting parent and child in the creation of a family. Although there is financial commitment involved and paperwork, ultimately adoption is a matter of the heart of a child and the heart of a family. This is to be held with utmost respect and treated with dignity and honor.
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